Car Rental Mistakes To Avoid

The great thing about renting a car is that travel can be as flexible as you wish—and the road trip will surely be very convenient to your heart’s desire. But even before deciding on renting that mobile unit, arm yourself first with an ample amount of knowledge and information about the trends and tips about car rentals even before leaping into this critical decision that could significantly impact on your whole travel experience. As a lesser known adage would say, ‘never go to a battle without your sharpened sword’.


Rates That You Should Know


As clearly wrote and generously shared, “Car rental companies generally charge four types of basic rates: a daily rate with a mileage charge; a daily rate with a limited number of free miles per day; a daily rate with unlimited mileage; and a rate that has free mileage over an extended period. Rates vary according to the size and style of vehicle but most firms rent economy, compact, intermediate and deluxe cars. Special promotional rates are often available, especially over weekends, but these should be specifically requested in advance.” Aside from these, make sure to be very inquisitive and ask about all possible extra fee that you may be charged with.



Being hasty on the inspection


 The danger of just doing the inspection on a whim is obviously the possibility for being blamed (or worst fined) for a damage that has been there all along; even before you decide rent the car of your choice, be very apprehensive and critical of the features and quality of the mobile unit you are about to lease.

Choomie Leekah, 34, a car rental supervisor in Singapore shared how most of their clients always fail to be observant enough to see little details that could cost them extra fees, “Often clients would just nod  while they are asked by the car provider if everything is okay during the inspection ,  especially the expats in Singapore who are seemingly clueless about car rental procedures. So they end up complaining when they return the mobile—and things always get all muddled and ugly when argument arises.” Do take your time as check the car up and be very keen on the details. If you wish, jot all the details down on a little notebook so you could easily refer to them in case such situation happens.


No Need to Pay For GPS
You can travel in style without agreeing to rent the GPS that the car company surely will delightedly offer to you. Farah Lo, a car enthusiast,  of Singapore counts this as one of the major boo-boos that people who lease a car often make, “You have a smart phone, there is google map. Why would you stupidly fall for that trap?” So say consumer and money-saving expert Andrea Woroch.  “Use your smartphone when possible, or print directions using your hotel’s free business centre”. If the destination you are heading to is also somewhere in a navigable city, a GPS won’t be necessary. Whatever happened to the old and customary habit of people of communicating to others and the art of smiling and asking around? Sans all these technology, you must be street smart at all time. There is no harm in finding your way the traditional way.


Shop Around First

As a general rule to buying any product or service, you owe it to yourself and to your hard-earned money to first see your options and shop around. Different car leasing companies have different prices and services that may differ from one another. Depending on your personal preference, car rental companies have different policies too on short or long drives. It is important to check for mileage caps for long distance travels. “Many rental companies offer unlimited miles for the car rental period, allowing you to drive the car as much as you want without facing extra fees," remarked Angie Hicks, of "But others may assess extra fees for surpassing a daily mileage maximum. If you rent a vehicle, especially for a period more than a few days, make sure you have unlimited miles or sufficient miles to cover your travels.”