Even Banners Are Now Digital

Nobody is ever a stranger to a banner—these are some sort of flags bearing a logo, symbol, slogan, or any other message that the public or just some group of people need to know. Banners can be made out of  vinyl, canvas,  fabrics, or anything that can be made to be presented via a roll up or pull up stand and shall carry some advertising information that needs to be known to a certain market. But even the types of banners evolve through time as people become more and more engrossed in using the internet for communication and trade. Even banners can get digital.

Yellowpages.ca writes, “Depending on your business, banners can be used for a variety of reasons. Businesses with a physical location might use banners to advertise a special offer, feature or new management. Businesses that operate strictly online will use banners on popular websites to direct customers to their online location. These types of banners can also be used to express various messages related to your business, like sales, new stock, and contests.”


So no one should be surprised of the term web banners, despite us being more familiar with design and text we see on pull up banner or design and announcements  we often attribute to roll up banner that we often encounter on trade shows, launching events,  or even on the streets. Yellowpages.ca further wrote, “Whether you have an online business or a business with a store-front, web banners are a good way to promote your business to potential customers while they browse the internet. Like printed banners, there are many different types of web banners…

There are standard web banners. The most commonly used are called big box (250x250 pixels), leaderboard (728x90 pixels), and skyscraper (120x600 pixels). You will need to have the help of a designer to create an ad that works with your web banner's specifications (i.e. format, file size, etc.).”

Not to say that
pull up banner design and printing and its likes are a dying tradition, it only proves how most industries have to come to a point when they need to go with the direction of current in the river to not miss out on the modern trends in the market.  Ferell Como, an advertising manager for a fastfood restaurant underscored the importance of both the traditional and digital banner ads in their business, “While our websites and other partners sites regularly updates web banners as we have different promos and announcements every month, we never forget to design ads for our offline market. It’s not like people are 24-7 stuck on their devices and no one looks around to read physical banners. While new trends and ways to advertise come and go, nothing beats the old and time-tested traditions. And we never forget that. You will always see big roll up banners on our branches and they usually contain good messages that brighten up people’s day. It is never bad to embrace the new, but to always remember not to forsake the old.”