5 Common Foot Problems

Having foot problems are common to many people. It can be caused by several factors such as wearing uncomfortable shoes, not exercising proper hygiene, or it may be caused by certain injuries. Although it is common, it doesn’t mean that you have to overlook at these problems because it might lead to serious diseases. Below are the top five foot problems and what you need to know about each one of them.

1. Foot corn

Pressure and friction on the bony parts of our feet can cause foot corn and calluses. From time to time our feet rub on the sides or top of the shoes that’s why we suffer from having these problems. If you encountering foot corn or calluses, don’t try to treat it yourself especially if the condition is severe because it might get worse. Consult a podiatrist and have a calluses and foot corn treatment. But if you really need a fast remedy to relieve the pain, you can use moleskin pads and place it on the problem areas.

2. Bunion

Have you ever observed that the big toe of your foot is bumping to the side? And it hurts when you apply pressure to your foot or when you wear shoes? This foot problem is called bunion, which can be caused by different factors such as trauma, hereditary, arthritis, deformities, and also by wearing uncomfortable shoes that might be too narrow or too small for your feet. Consult a podiatrist Singapore and ask what treatment you need for it. Severe conditions usually require surgery so it’s important to have a check-up as soon as possible.

3. Plantar warts

Plantar warts are commonly overlooked by many people especially because it doesn’t usually caused pain. Although most of warts can heal without treatment, it is still important to consult a podiatrist to make sure that it will not cause problems. If you have plantar warts and you feel pain or irritation in and around the area, you should undergo warts treatment Singapore. Keep in mind that this foot problem is caused by a viral infection and it can grow bigger overtime so it’s better if you let a professional look into it.

4. Fungal nail infection

If you are prone to having crack, break, or injury in your toenails, you have a higher chance of getting a fungal nail infection. This foot problem happens when a fungi enters your nail through the cracks. Although it can also be experienced on your fingernails, studies shown that it is more common to have in toenails because they are confined in shoes that is warm and has moist environment. You will observe that you toenails will suffer from brittleness and discoloration. Visit a podiatry centre Singapore as soon as possible because its condition might get severe and it will be harder to treat it.

5. Ingrown toenail


Having your toenails grow into your skin can be very painful and uncomfortable. It is usually caused by wearing tight shoes, improper trimming of toenails, fungus infection, and even hereditary. The affected toe can suffer from pain, swelling, or redness. Visit a podiatry Singapore and let a professional treat your foot problem because treating it yourself might make the condition worse.