Break the Mould with these Alternative Career Options

Because they want their children to become successful someday as they reach the pinnacle of their professional careers, it is but natural for concerned, loving and dutiful parents to push their kids in school so that they can get the knowledge, wisdom, training and skills that they need to be competent in the outside world. But more often than not, these parents have outdated and archaic views about the meaning of success in this modern world and age and that is why they pass their preconceived notions and personal goals to their children who are not happy about being pushed in a path that they totally hate. These parents want their children to become doctors, lawyers and captains of industry controlling the tides of the stock market and Wall Street because they think that this will make their children happy and successful in the future as they impress the top headhunters in Singapore and land the perfect job.


But these children should be given the chance to make their own decisions and they have the right to choose what they want to do with their life. This is within reason, of course, because they need to be disciplined, reprimanded and guided to the right path when they are spiralling downward towards their own self-destruction because of their poor life choices and foolish rebellious stage. These young people have their own interests, skills, natural aptitude and innate inclination that they are passionate about and that is why they should be supported and allowed to grow, hone their talents and sharpen their skills in the way that they see fit in order to become the best versions of themselves.


With that said, here are some lucrative and in-demand alternative career options where young people with unconventional interests can thrive because the best recruitment agency in Singapore are looking for the next generation of specialists who will lead the way to the future.



Gaming Guru

Professional gamers around the world are raking in seven-figure paydays that can set them up for life and secure their future because the billion-dollar industry of video games is an unstoppable phenomenon that will only grow more massive in the generations to come. But giant companies like BioWare, Bethesda, Electronic Arts and Rockstar are looking for game developers and programmers who will create the next big hit and masterpiece that will give the millions of gamers around the world the fix and high that they need to quench their insatiable thirst to play.


King of the Court

Even if they do not have the academic pedigree that a headhunter in Singapore usually looks for when they are screening hopeful applicants, those who have transcendental athleticism and uncanny physical attributes like strength, speed and agility can become world-renowned superstars in different sports. Athletes like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Floyd Mayweather never finished college but they are among the richest and most successful people around the world.


Modern Heroes


For those who are selfless, patriotic, brave and resilient enough to serve and protect their country from all sorts of danger foreign and domestic, they can join the military and armed forces but this is not for the fainthearted because there is always the thin line between life and death.