Why You Should Consider Enrolling Your Child In A Montessori

We often hear the word Montessori but most people are not aware of the difference of a Montessori to a regular school. Just to give you an idea how this type of education came about, it was actually started by Dr. Maria Montessori. She used this type of education in Rome and it was not to the affluent ones but instead in the slum areas. The basic method of teaching is also different from that of a regular school because it allows children to learn at their own pace and follow their own individual interest. Nowadays, there are also different types of Montessori schools depending on the age of the child; they have preschool, elementary and middle school just like what they have in Singapore.

It is also a known fact that a Montessori school that the child is an active participant in learning just like what they do in a school in Singapore. As compared to a regular school, they say that the child or the learner is more passive in learning. Montessori is hands on and active and students discover on their own.  In regular schooling, they say that students are more passive because most of their students are required to memorize their lessons rather than discovering the lessons on their own.

Another difference is that a Montessori school in Singapore is that they give more time to their students for every lesson and as much as possible there would be no distractions. The reason for this is that the learner will be given the chance to learn at his own pace and be able to understand the lesson fully rather than being pressured to understand the lesson. The Montessori schools especially preschool are also known for the set up of their classrooms. They are actually set up in such a way that it is catered and prepared in advance in such a way that it is based on the needs of their students. They make sure that the set up would include student centred especially on the activities that they give to their students.

On another note, Montessori school teachers also act as guides and at the same time consultants to their students. They make sure that they give each student the proper guidance that they will need depending on the pacing of the student when it comes t learning. In traditional schools, teachers deliver their lesson at the same pace for all their students so students are sometimes forced to cope up with the pacing of their classmates instead of learning at their own pace. The Montessori style of teaching also believes in the ability of each learner to develop their own self confidence.  The achievements of the students are rooted on the idea that each achievement is a product of their own self and not by external factors.


Montessori schools place emphasis on the fact that the learner’s thirst for knowledge is very important that is why they capitalize on the idea that a child is very much willing to learn new things. Lastly, they also believe that the best way to teach a child or a student is by giving them their own pace. It is something that all parents or educator should learn.