Five Places to Visit Before the Great Gig in the Sky

Because of the wild assortment of worries and concerns from their professional and personal lives that bombard people from all sides each and every day, they need to vent out their frustrations and relieve their stress or else they will go nuts and break down mentally, physically and emotionally. In order to deal and cope with the mounting stress that plague them, some people go shopping as they reward themselves for a job well-done in their respective careers with material things like jewellery, gadgets and designer clothes. There are also those who pig out and wolf down copious amounts of comfort food because it is their way of averting their attention from all their troubles, problems and concerns.

And then there are those who are the reason behind the boom in the tourism and hospitality management and service excellence training industry because they are bitten by the travel bug and afflicted with severe wanderlust. These are the citizens of the world who want to see the beauty of our home planet with their own eyes, immerse themselves in different cultural experiences and make new friends in the farthest corners of the world.

For those who want to travel around the globe without having to earn diploma in tourism from the best university in Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries, here are the top five places to visit before biting the dust or so the saying goes.

Travel Back in Time in Egypt

                Walking inside the ancient, mystical and enigmatic chambers of the Pyramids of Giza will surely envelop visitors with a humbling sense of awe and wonder because these are the fabled tombs and hallowed halls of Pharaohs who ruled with unparalleled power centuries ago. If the scarab beetles and deadly scorpions do not make the hairs on the back of your neck stand, then the hieroglyphics, dusty tomes and beautiful sarcophaguses will surely get the job done.


Unleash the Wild Side in Africa


Although economically crippled and poverty-riddled because of civil unrest, ethnic wars, corrupt governance and greedy conglomerates that exploit its riches and natural resources, there is no doubt that the raw and transcendental beauty of Africa is unparalleled in this world. Seeing a pride of lions running wild and hearing the triumphant blasts from a herd of elephants will surely wake up the wild side deep inside your heart.

Shop Till You Drop in Singapore

Aside from getting world-renowned service excellence training from top shelf universities in Singapore, this country is also famous as the Mecca for binge shoppers because of their top of the line and encompassing shopping districts that offer the widest selection of merchandise from all over the world. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and bring buckets of patience because you will be walking and haggling for long hours for sure.

Get Bronzed in Brazil

Brazil has some of the finest beaches in the world and for those who want to immerse themselves in a colourful and exotic cultural experience, jumping and joining in the festivities of the Rio de Janeiro Carnival will surely give them everything they want and need.

Find Yourself in Alaska


Although they say that the untamed, uncharted and unforgiving landscape of Alaska is not for the fainthearted because of extreme weather conditions and ferocious wildlife, it provides the sanctuary  and safe haven for people who want to soul search, find themselves once again and escape the stifling confines of the concrete jungle and the city life.