Jerseys as Symbols of Identity

As a tradition, any kind of sport would entitle the player to an ownership of a jersey. Sometimes, it is the jersey which identifies the player especially when it has a number on it. Aside from the family name that is written on the jersey, the number symbolizes and identifies the player. The main reason for the jersey is for the audience to see from a far who is the player who scored or who fouled. Their names and numbers say it all. Sometimes, when uniforms or jerseys are being talked about, the thrill starts because it is when your distinctiveness as a player starts.

Basketball is a game where there are the same rules in any country especially if they are internationally participating team. That is why these teams also make their jerseys as unique as they can to define them as a team representing their own country. A basketball jersey printing Singapore for example makes jerseys for teams in their country whether or not participating internationally. They have different kinds of jerseys to choose from. A customized jersey Singapore also does these designs which are specially made for the team. They accept orders which are customized for the team.

Basketball may be the most common sport but almost all other sports make use of jersey as well. Sports jersey printing Singapore makes it a point that the jerseys you are ordering from them are done neat and well that it would leave a mark for your team as well as to the audience. Sometimes these jerseys become souvenirs for the fans of the team that is why making the design of the jersey is not just a click, it needs to be made by a good designer also.

They are as important as the team itself. It may be true that you can play your sport without wearing any jersey, or just simply use a color coding. However, as we have said, the identity of the player and the team is well represented by the jersey. Even if you are just a simple team from a school or a team representing your own country, simply having a jersey would change the image that you have. It would give you that confidence especially when your audience appreciates it. But of course at the end of the day, it is the game that is most needed.

Jerseys are representations of who the team is. It makes the difference and it identifies one from the other team. Especially for those people who are really sports inclined, they actually have collections of all their jerseys from all the teams they have participated in. That is why jerseys should also not be thrown away, because when your hair is gray, all your memories would flash back with just one look at your jersey. It brings back memories in the past, whether as a player or as a fan of a team. They are merely symbols of the team but they are as important as them. 





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