Tips for Sending a Bunch of Roses to Her

Should you send someone flowers as gifts? Isn’t this too common already?


Roses will always be a great way to send a message you can hardly put to words. The fact that the flower delivery industry is still thriving these days is one sign that people still believe in sending flowers and gifts.


As they say, you can’t go wrong with flowers when it comes to showing your emotions. No matter how someone says they dislike this type of present, a bouquet or even just a single stem of rose is too beautiful to just ignore.


A rose, in itself, commands attention without forcing itself. It’s somehow the same as letting someone know how you feel without demanding for anything in return.


Here are tips for when you’re sending flowers to a special someone.


Keep it a surprise. Don’t immediately reveal it! For a special celebration, say your anniversary, invite her to a romantic date out. Coordinate with the online flower shop to deliver your order as she arrives home. Just as she thought the surprise is over, there you are sending your final gift for the day. Verify with the flower shop, though, until what time they can deliver so you can also make plans accordingly.


Send flowers on ordinary days. ‘Just because’ flower gifts are always appreciated. Won’t it feel great to receive a gift when you are least expecting it? Make her feel loved by sending her favourite roses on any random day. Better if you would send it while you’re away, say on a business trip or an urgent meeting elsewhere. Let her know she’s always on your mind and that you’re not too far away.  This will make her miss you more! This will also help keep the romance going. Expect a message from her after she receives the bouquet.


Thanking her after spending time with you. She probably went out of her way to help you during a tough time. Or welcomed you despite of her busy schedule. Even if you didn't ask her do any of these things, it would mean a lot to say thanks the sweetest possible way. That is to send her beautiful flowers! If you don’t know what to say on a note, that’s okay. Leave the lengthy message out. A simple thanks would do as long as it’s sincere.


Invest in beautiful arrangements. You don’t have to be the one to arrange the flowers. That’s what online florists are there for. Be sure to choose one with a positive track record among customers. If you can’t find a set pleasing enough, send the online florist in Singapore a message. You can always request a customised arrangement. Simply let the team know the kind of roses you want included, along with the quantity. The online florist can take charge of everything from there, until the arrangement arrives at your special someone’s doorstep.



A bunch of flowers can do no wrong. Regardless the time of day, the weather, or the occasion, you can always send roses to someone dear to your heart and make their day instantly complete. Take note of these tips as you search for flowers and gifts Singapore online store today. 

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