5 Benefits of Taking Belly Dancing Lessons for Young Girls

Many people negatively perceive belly dancing as a form of seduction, however it’s wrong to interpret how this dance is being portrayed in Western films because the portrayal is fictional and therefore false. In truth, it’s a social dance which is commonly performed in marriage ceremonies and fertility rites. Dating back to ancient times, belly dancing is said to have originated from Egypt and countries in the Mediterranean and Middle East. So why should teeny boppers invest their time and effort in belly dancing lessons?

1.       Belly dancing is a form of exercise.

To steer clear from the general misconceptions and rumours about the dance, young girls can make it as their core workout regimen unless they’re part of a professional dance group then this would definitely be necessary. It’s a fun workout that will allow them to practice good posture.

We should never underestimate the benefits of maintaining such a posture as it improves our health and boost our feeling of confidence. It’s fun because it helps young girls release endorphins, which in turn create a feeling of well-being. It allows them to move their bodies and, as far as we’re concerned, it’s a great way of preventing obesity.

2.       It celebrates all ages, skin tones, shapes, and sizes.

No matter how young these girls truly are, they should surround themselves with positive vibes. One way of doing so is by attending a belly dance class in Singapore as it promotes self-satisfaction and body appreciation. The class aims to boost their self-esteem whilst enjoying the dance sessions.

These young girls are meant to feel beautiful, irregardless of their bust size, waistline, body shape, and weight. So even though they happen to be bigger, darker, or their hair is curly afro, they’re beautiful. They can do figure eights with their hips, raise their arms, and do the shimmies without feeling embarrassed or ashamed of themselves.

3.       The belly dance Singapore studios, in general, can be a place for making new friends.

These young girls can practice their social skills or basically build a network of friends in the dance studios. All of them would be able to relate to each other since most of them would be the same age, whilst others have ages not too far from the majority’s age group. What’s more, they can learn from each other. It’s perfectly fine to be a slow learner because the ones who catch up fast can help them out.

4.       The belly dance instructor would spread cultural awareness amongst the teeny boppers.

From a Westerner’s perspective, the dance is as foreign as the lands from where it originated. As we’ve discussed earlier, it was performed in ancient Egypt and parts of the Middle East and the Mediterranean. With these things in mind, we become aware that teaching this dance to young girls is equivalent to propagating an art form. Indeed, the cultural dance belongs to the distant past, the present moment, as well as the distant future.

5.       It continues to battle the misconceptions.

The more young girls are taught that this dance is an art form, the more we are able to spread the truth. Nowadays, ignorance can no longer be an excuse to thinking a certain way.

Young girls would definitely enjoy the art inasmuch as they’re being informed about its historical background. As a parent, guardian, or friend, would you recommend belly dancing to young girls you know?




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