Types of Airport Transfer Service You Should Remember

Airport transfer service had been prominent in different countries all over the world. Its main purpose it to transport people to or from the airport. It is the reason why several bus companies offer this type of service. The buses have larger luggage space and have several special features compared to a normal bus. It has several operation types including off airport transfer and on airport transfer.

Off airport transfer


Off airport transfer has been one of the bus services that a bus company offers. The drivers will pick up their clients in one place and drop them off to their destination. There are also car rental companies that offer this type of airport transfer but hiring a bus is cheaper especially if you are travelling in a group. In addition, it has several benefits including:



Especially for long trips, driving for several hours can be extremely stressful. In addition to this stress is the situation where you will encounter unfamiliar places. When you avail this bus service, there is no need for you to learn a new route you should take when you travel. Every passenger just need to sit back, relax, and enjoy the whole trip. During long trips, make it more fun and enjoyable by watching movies or chatting with co-passengers. You can also grab this as an opportunity to relax by sleeping, listen to music, or read books for the entire trip without encountering any hassle.



Airport buses only hire drivers that have enough experience and professional to ensure the safety of every passenger. Aside from safe travels, bus drivers also have enough knowledge regarding the best routes to travel their passengers in their desired destinations. Bus rentals are ensured by the company, but most importantly, they also have insurance for their passengers.




Unlike in riding in small transportations like vans and cars, riding in a bus with spacious space can make the trip more comfortable. It has enough space to accommodate people included in a large group. Aside from this, it is equipped with several amenities like television, radio, and air conditioning system that will make every passenger feel relaxed and enjoy during the trip. There are also buses, which have chairs that can be reclined to let the passengers have a comfortable sitting position while travelling.



Instead of bringing own car or hiring several vans, renting a bus can cost you less because it can already accommodate all the passengers in an affordable and reasonable price. There is also need for you to think about filling the gas tank, which is additional to your expenses. Renting a bus is also a more brilliant idea instead of commuting especially if you are travelling in a large group.


On airport transfer


The buses used in this type of airport transfer Singapore is usually operated and owned by a contractor, an airport owner, or provided by an airline. There are three kinds of on airport transfer including airside transfer, terminal transfer, and car park transfer.



  • Airside transfer – it is usually used if the terminal is too far from the aircraft
  • Terminal transfer – it is usually used if the airport has several terminal that are far from each other or not physically connected
  • Car park transfer – it is usually used if the terminal is far from the parking space 


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