Tips on Choosing a Clutch Bag for Different Occasions

Somebody once said that a woman feels bare without her purse in tow. Whoever coined that adage truly knows the struggle of being a woman when it comes to fashion. With all the different activities and events that we have to take part in, the one staple bag that every woman should own is a clutch bag in singapore, for its elegance and versatility. A woman carrying a clutch bag is a common sight to see, especially those who are taking themselves from work to more social affairs in the evening. So, how do you choose a clutch bag that is worth the investment? Here are some tips!


1.       Pick the right size for your stuff.


Before shopping for a clutch, you must figure out the things that you need to put inside. It is important for a clutch to look good when holding all your stuff, and not bulging at the seams. A slim and structured clutch bag, meaning those with a stiff shape, exudes sophistication, as your things will not poke out and cause an irregular shape. A clutch bag in loose cloth or leather would also work but in a more casual, whatever-goes kind of day. A clutch bag will always be smaller than your normal handbag, so consider the fact that you’ll be needing smaller containers for your cosmetics, as well as a smaller and slimmer wallet or cardholder for your money.


2.       Choosing the colour and design


Black is simply the most basic and most versatile piece when it comes to choosing a clutch. You could really take it anywhere and match it with almost any outfit. Other neutral colours do the same job, such as grey, taupe, beige, tan, or white—when you want to veer away from the conventional black. You can also add pizzazz to your outfit by going for shades of copper, silver, or gold.


If you are attending more formal, social affairs such as weddings or fancy dinners, then a classy clutch in a structured design would be most appropriate. If you want something to use for laid-back occasions yet make a statement with your clutch, go for bolder designs such as snakeskin or Aztec or other bright, solid colours or patterns to spice up your outfit.




3.       What kind of material should you go for?


It’s quite tempting to buy cheap clutch bags in all colours available, only to find out that after a year or two, they would be peeling and falling apart. Ouch! That is indeed a waste of money. Don’t scrimp when choosing the kind of material for your clutch. Satin and genuine leather will always be classy and timeless, saving you the hassle of buying numerous purses every single occasion. It doesn’t need to be expensive; there are some quaint shops selling different kinds of clutch bag in Singapore which are made of quality materials and are more economical, you just have to look around and not settle immediately for the signature brands.


4.       Pockets are important!


Clutch bags are as small as they are, but if you could pick out a clutch with partitions or pockets in it, then that would be a wonderful thing to help you out in organising your essentials.


5.       Consider detachable straps.


Yes, every now and then you might change your mind. One day you would like to hold on to a clutch, other days you just want to sling it on your shoulder, especially when you have a drink in hand. Go for detachable straps that will last you a long time; you won’t regret it.




A clutch bag is an important accessory that could make a lot of difference in a woman’s overall ensemble. It is something really worth investing on, for it could go with almost anything, from day to night. All you have to do now is choose something with the perfect combination of quality, design, and price, and you’re all set!


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